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Rae Scruggs

Rae is a visual and digital artist based in Dayton.


My Story

This piece describes what goes on in the mind of a person who may be struggling with mental illness right before the mental wreck. They have watched this wreck over and over, knowing it’s only a matter of time. This struggle builds up into anger then results into a depressing state so deep you feel like you’re drowning in it.


This piece was inspired by individuals who explained to me that they don’t see bright colors, yet a lot of grey and black; the only bright color they may see is red, but that is when it is, “pretty much at no point of returning, and whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen because it’s too late." So now the thought is “it’s just a matter of time.” The struggle often manifests in physical corruption and then severe depression. Most people don’t want you to know how depressed they are so they may disguise it, and that’s why the tears are flowing from the mask, the face that they wear as they are drowning in these thoughts.

Artists and artwork were photographed by Ralphoto Studio.

Would you like to display a print of Aimee's piece in your cafe, gallery, church, or other location?

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